Thursday, April 28, 2005

He said Canadians don't want to go to the polls UNTIL ALL THE FACTS ARE OUT AT THE GOMERY INQUIRY.

I was going to post on CTV's transparent Party propaganda, but El Duderino already said most of it in comments at 4/28/2005 4:59PM.

check out the video under the link "Martin "baffled" by Harper's position" (
1) Enter Martin that says that he does not understand how Harper can support the separatists who are the only ones that will benefit from an early election
2) Enter Layton that pretty much says the same things.
3) Jump to the commentator how says: Conservatives have an ally in the BQ and to Ducceppe.
4) Interview Duceppe, over which slide in Harper's picture!
Also note now the camera stays on Duceppe after he finishes speaking and begins listening to someone we don't hear. His smile is synchronized with the announcer's mention of a majority being in favour of Quebec's separation.

All day on CTV's cable news channel ran a headline to the effect, "C$ DOWN AMID ELECTION TALK". Uh huh, that's why.
Masterpiece! If we have had such propaganda masters in the old Commi block we could have problably won the damn cold war.

All our media blitz on Harper. Hope he can stick to his plan. If I were him I would go to the polls now before 10 months of this propaganda. Then we would be completly f...
Listen for the change in her tone of voice near the beginning of the piece, when she says the line I used for the title of this post.