Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Harvard conference issues call for Digital Diversity Agency

Steven Levy, white media man   

Here at the London Fog, we are fortunate that Lisa is three times as hardworking as the rest of us and puts up about 75% of the posts, absolving the less diligent "white male" members of gender-discrimination charges. Would that wash for the diversity mongers? I mean, statistics mean everything, don't they? According to Steven Levy of NewsWeek, the top 100 sites in the blogosphere are "dominated by bigmouths of the white-male variety."

This has alarmed some academic types who, seeing the opinion-mongering of the mainstream media they so carefully cultivated over several decades slide into reduced relevance, now urge "that extra care is required to make sure public discussion reflects the actual population." Halley Suitt, a New England blogger, wants us all to make our blogrolls diverse — not diverse in opinion, quality or usefulness — no, diverse in colour and gender. Here are her rules:
  1. They can't be male if they are white;
  2. You must have five women and five men;
  3. You must have at least three non-Americans
Heather MacDonald of the National Review weighs in in a must-read:
These diversity grievances follow the usual logic: Victim-group X is not proportionally represented in some field; therefore the field's gatekeepers are discriminating against X's members. The argument presumes that there are large numbers of qualified Xs out there who, absent discrimination, would be proportionally represented in the challenged field.
I could probably score some Elitist Points by quoting a woman, but I'll decline. One of the advantages of the blogosphere is that it discriminates only on the basis of what people actually want to read, not the top-down opinion gerry-mandering of some college-educated


darcey said...

It always makes me laugh knowing these people have no idea how full of shit they are!

MapMaster said...

Amazing they get so much press coverage — oh, wait a minute, they are the press!