Saturday, April 23, 2005

Escape from noise

London cultural researcher Mr. G sends along this comment.

It appears that London once again is falling behind other Southwestern Ontario cities (and other noteworthy international cities) in culture. While London's answer when culture came knocking was to build the JLC and throw the city into debt, Kitchener chose an easier route to international cultural recognition. Why not hold a unique musical festival that incorporates new ideas (world recognition) about music and the world in which it interacts. To top it all off, Kitchener has opened up it's council chambers for a performance by Negativland.

London would never try something as daring as this. For starters it would take guts, and also the ability to be open to new ideas in the arts. London's council lakes both. I don't even think they support their own world renowned No Music Festival which for awhile had to move to New York. Why help support a festival going that only draws a few hundred international tourists? Maybe because the international press from those few hundred puts London on the map. Good for you Kitchener!