Saturday, April 23, 2005

Drunk Blog Fest 2005

Darcey has started drinking and so has Lance and Sixlegged. I'm just getting home from work and starting in on my first glass of wine. Mike is to arrive at my house around 8, Basil might show up around the same time and Mapmaster will be around after 10. Like Sixlegged, I got drunk last night too, so we'll see how we all hold out tonight.

Update: Glass of wine number two just poured - 7:25pm eastern standard time. Still waiting on the other foggers.

As everyone else seems to be listening to music, I guess I should put on some too, although I am breaking with the eighties theme here and searching for Peter Tosh.

The march is on. Which of the drunken bloggers will last the longest? Blogger is working well, at least for the time being.

Update: Going for glass of wine number three, and the other foggers are late as usual. Now listening to the master, Prince Far I.

Update 9:10: Basil has arrived. I'm going for glass number four.

Update 9:18: Mike has arrived.

Update 10:00: Glass number five. Good thing I am keeping track here, otherwise I would forget.

Update 1:23am, eastern standard time: drunk but up still. I lost count on the glasses of wine. Cheers to you all that are still up and caring.

Update: Maybe Lance wins. Lisa checking out at 1:41 - that's early for me, but I need sleep and haven't gone to sleep before 2:30am eastern time for a good while. I bet Ian wins.


darcey said...

God - I ended up getting hammered last night too - feel good today after some hair of the dog

Lisa said...

I'm hammered many a night as I blog away.

By day, I work with the public and so am happy to be home away from the peering eyes of those demanding service and the meaning of the universe.

I think I will reaching for the bottle again soon. I best drink slowly for now, as I will be drunk before the rest of the foggers arrive.

lance said...

That would be bad, why? Sigh. Had a couple too many last night as well. Did I really do French on CultureZap?

2nd beer. Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen is playing. Good times!


darcey said...

I just quit a corporate position because I couldn't bear the same customer service issues anymore! French on the Zap? oops!

Lisa said...

Sounds like drunk blog fest should have been last night eh guys? And you guys are starting earlier than me here! I thought I was hardcore.

I guess if I get drunk too early then the other foggers can take over :) I'm smoking too much here besides.

Glass of wine number two just poured.

No music here at the moment, as it will distract me too much right now I fear. A drunk blog fest means blog posts - right?

lance said...

I'm keeping up at my end! Blog post wise that is. :)

Minor emergency, keg ran dry. Fortunately I planned for that and have started in on domestic beer. Sigh.


darcey said...

Its us Manitobans - we go for days - I mean all winter - sing along "every path leads me to nowhere" - the rooster is playing

Ian Scott said...

AC/DC... time to party. Wish you were all here tonight :)