Friday, April 29, 2005

Doing business with other people's money

Cut from the same cloth as Anne-Marie?

High-profile London banker Gordie MacKenzie is considering running for mayor, saying he wants the city to operate in a more "businesslike" fashion. "I am not interested in politics, but I am interested in giving back to the community," the regional vice-president of RBC Financial Group said yesterday.

"This is not about needing it but about wanting to make a difference."[. . .]

"I have tremendous respect for the mayor (Anne Marie De Cicco). This is not a personal thing but it is more of a concern about how the city is being run.

"I would like it run in a more businesslike fashion, with a business perspective. I would look at things in a strategic way, a methodical way."
I did a google search for MacKenzie and although there isn't a lot of information available, I did find out that he was chairperson of London's 2006 world junior hockey championship bid committee. The chances are good that he supports the Creative Cities scam. Like DeCicco, he also often seems to preside over money giving ceremonies.


Carmi said...

He's so high-profile that no one's heard of him.

Anonymous said...

Like Maurice Stong - Eminence gris . . .