Saturday, April 30, 2005

CTV is the Party, the Party is CTV

Party public relations accomplice CTV headline a poll revealing that "63% of Canadians think the Prime Minister is lying when he says he wasn't involved in the sponsorship scandal" with "Cdns. suspicious of a Tory hidden agenda." (HT: Andrew Coyne)

Isn't "being suspected to be a liar" a superset of "being suspected of having a hidden agenda"?

But why put any stock in media polls? They are a propaganda technique, constructed to give the answer the pollsters are looking for, reframe the discussion, and discourage the opposition. That should be beyond obvious even to a bright twelve year old. Our modern belief in polls is as crazy as the ancient beliefs in haruspicy or astrology, the same thing filtered through the democratic faith of the day where the "People" are God.

Update: In comments to his post, Coyne adds:

In this case it may simply be a commentary, sad to say, on how far the public's expectations have sunk: it is no longer newsworthy that 63% of Canadians don't believe their prime minister when he tells them he wasn't involved in a criminal conspiracy.
completely dropping the context of editorial decisions. Its deemed lack of newsworthiness is supposed to communicate its insignificance -- that's the point. The public's expectations? The sinking has more to do with the depths in which journalists and editors operate.

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Anonymous said...

Look at the Bigger Picture that is unfolding before our squinty, myopic eyeballs as we try mightily to decipher what is happening around us as events swirl and slosh as they inundate our very psyche, our very being, and challenge our sanity too.

That said, it must be evident to all but the naive that the Conservative Party is being subject to a Death of a Thousand Cuts inflicted by the Liberal and NDP parties using the MSM as their weapon of choice.

If we have an unofficial 10 month campaign as promised by Martin, the Liberals would subject us to an endless parade of pork-barrel announcements of government promises for every cause, organization and ethnic festival in every corner of Canada.

Then there will be the endless stream of weekly "meme-du-jours" coming over the airwaves and assorted newsrags announcing the latest revelations about the Conservatives. They have a hidden agenda. They are pro-separatist. They are religious extremists. They are anti-gay bigots. They covet power. They can't be trusted. They will kill Kyoto. They will destroy healthcare. They will destroy childcare. They will destroy Canada as we know it.

Each one of these and other "meme" mind virus' will be repeated by the MSM for several days and then another poll will come out to confirm that Canadians believe what was repeated to them at least 10 times has taken hold.

That is what Harper and his band of sitting ducks can expect if they don't put an end to the Liberal-NDP-MSM orchestrated circus with Canadians being the "suckers born every minute" and believing the Goebbels-propaganda machine as they pump the jam.

Harper has no choice but to put a stop to the Innuendo Strategy that is so successful at turning Canadians into blithering idiots who in the end will not even be able to spell "Consevrtiv" nor understand "Gumbery".

If Harper does not pull the plug quickly, he can kiss his Prime Ministership goodbye.