Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Can the Galleria Mall be saved?

Seems Canadian politicians don't know shit about where to go for research on progressive sex laws. Nary a word was mentioned about visiting Budapest in the last proposal. That's a damn shame, 'cause it sounds like they got low down on downtown:

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - The Hungarian Interior Ministry looks set to allow prostitutes to tout for business in shopping malls, local media reported Tuesday.

The ministry is thinking of allowing dedicated shopping centers where prostitutes could strike deals for sex as long as they move to a place of their own to carry out the transaction, the daily Nepszabadsag said.

"There is nothing intrinsically wrong legally with an entertainment center without gratification," the newspaper quoted from a letter the ministry sent to the businessman who proposed to set up an "all-in-one" sex plaza.

Hungary allows local governments to set so-called "zones of patience" for the country's up to 20,000 prostitutes, but no municipality has done so yet.
That's a lot of hookers to research. Perhaps that's why here in Canada
the liaison committee, which meets behind closed doors to discuss funding requests from MPs, is expected to nix the plan for five MPs to travel to Sweden, the Netherlands, the U.K. and Nevada.
Come on guys do some research before you make your proposals; don't you realize you're responsible to the taxpayers for those dollars? If you're gonna spend $200,000 on hookers do it right - you gotta go to Budapest!
The trip by NDP MP Davies, Tory MP Art Hanger, Bloc Quebecois MP Paule Brunelle and Liberals John Maloney and Hedy Fry was approved by the justice committee last month. Hanger later told Sun Media he thought the trip was a waste of money.
Sounds like the wife of Mr. Hanger had a little talk with him (is that his real name? he, he - bang 'er Hanger!).

But seriously folks, perhaps Tom Gosnell can finally redeem his disasterous Galleria Mall? Think of it: one could go work out at the gym; have a couple of pints at the E & C; pick up your favourite girl modeling herself in the window of one of the many currently (but not for much longer!) empty storefront windows; slip into the back for a little session; and then relax with a book and a coffee with the wife and kids at Central Library. London could prove itself to be a truely world class city, and Gosnell could finally right his wrong by turning the Galleria into a profit making enterprise. Imagine all the traffic between the JLC and the Galleria - Dundas would be overflowing with hordes of people flocking to the revitalized downtown London. But we must act fast, and pass the appropriate zoning laws, so Masonville doesn't get the jump on downtown!


Wendy said...

I don't like that Idea of having 'sex ghetto's' I don't think segration has or can ever be a good thing.

Andrew said...

what the hell is "segration"?