Saturday, April 16, 2005

Better import some pro-Liberal citizens fast

What would do you do if, as PM, most people living in your country won't vote for you anymore because recent experience has shown them they can't trust you? Why not buy yourself some new citizens. To do so, you must first find some poor struggling folks elsewhere in the world and, using taxpayer money which you've already been using indiscriminately, offer them free health care, a government paycheque and a tolerant society and they'll vote for you for life. Just don't tell about gay marriage or that, while health care may be free, you might drop dead waiting in line to access to it. No, just wait until they arrive and are happy that you're at least giving them a little food and shelter in a country where (suprise, suprise!) the temperature can reach -40. And if they already know English and read a newspaper, just get someone with the Order of Canada to step forward and tell them the evil Jews run the newspapers so they'll know not to trust what they read.

Paul Martin yesterday discussed the possibility of Canada sending troops to the Middle East and accepting refugees from the region in an effort to help the peace process between Israel and Palestine
Well, if they empty the Middle East of Palestinians they won't be as likely to cause trouble there.

"What I believe is important now is that countries like Canada get behind the peace process, that we be prepared to do whatever we can. Canada has the ultimate responsibility for refugees. We're going to have to step forward. Canada has a responsibility to get involved in the economic reconstruction of the Middle East. We're going to have to step forward and be prepared to do that. If it's going to take troops, we're going to have to do it.

Does Canada still have an army to send or is our poor over-worked PM delusional? Why not just buy radio and print ads from over-priced ad agencies to mend differences between Palestinians and Israelis?