Saturday, April 23, 2005

And you don't stop, though I would rather you did

Living in my bubble, I still thought the people formerly known as Indians were into heavy metal. Alas, Raskolnikov sends news that the Soundtrack To Loserdom And Failure has taken hold. I would excerpt, but you must read the whole thing anyways so I'll just let you go there.

Raskolnikov does not say whether they, too, "salute" by waving half-bent arms in a pincer motion with index and pinky extended. I wonder who started that...

Bernard Chapin and John McWhorter have more thoughts.

Many writers and thinkers see a kind of informed political engagement, even a revolutionary potential, in rap and hip-hop. They couldn’t be more wrong. By reinforcing the stereotypes that long hindered blacks, and by teaching young blacks that a thuggish adversarial stance is the properly “authentic” response to a presumptively racist society, rap retards black success.
Hey, I love GG Allin, so in many ways it's a question of taste for me. Listen to whatever you like, and drag yourself to whatever music video stereotype fate you desire. Entertainers make their living off filling your head with crap, and I will defend their right to do so to the limits of my ability. I'm just a little disgusted by hip hop's omnipresence, combined with its racist, sexist, violent nihilism and copycat dress and mannerisms code, combined with the pass it gets from people usually so eager to sniff out the most arcane tinges of sexism and racism.