Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The 10 billion dollar scam

The traitorous Kyoto Accord, designed to share the Party's slush funds (ie, half your working life) with likeminded Third World despots and crooked Canadian companies while enabling the Party to steer business away from non-Party-donating enterprises, is reason enough to throw the Liberals into the most polluted sea Exxon can make for us.

I don't buy the authority to exhale from the Party, and even less so from the sorts of syphilitic degenerates who rule the "undeveloped world".

I also don't buy their claims about the coming ice age, or the moon crashing into the Earth, or ancient sleeping wizards awakening vengefully, or dangerously low Liberal bank account levels, or whatever the supposed reason is for all this nonsense. It is just way too convenient for socialists to "discover" they're compelled to microregulate the production of C02, i.e., all work and industry itself. I think I'll take my chances with the angry wizards.

The Party does not care that you will be euthanized in 2026 by a fundamentally unworkable health care system, or that you will not receive a pension should there be enough clean needles, aspirin, and linen around in 2026 to make you worthy of the good side of triage. But they're this concerned about rumours of the coming ice age that causes the warming that causes the cooling that causes the warming?

I say, horseshit. This is all about money and power and the short term gain of looting. The Party don't care about the "environment" any more than they care about "children" or "health care". These are all just for marketing purposes.