Wednesday, March 23, 2005

We're coming for your potluck next

Courtesy of Ian, we learn of this latest bit of nannying from McGimpy and his liberal cronies. Interestingly, the new requirement, that "will force Ontario residents to install anti-scald devices on new and rented water heaters" has received little media coverage. An excerpt from Ian's post:

In another idiotic and ill-conceived move, our Nanna McGuinty administration has regulated that all newly purchased and leased water heaters must come with an anti-scald device.

This device becomes a permanent part of the plumbing, and mixes cold water with the hot water coming out of your hot water tank so that the water reaching the your faucets don’t exceed 48 degrees Celcius.

Oh yeah.. it also costs $200.00.

This is just another moronic regulation from the grannies down at Queen’s Park. First of all, if I wanted my water temperature to not exceed 48 degrees Celcius, I’d freakin’ turn the thermostat down on my water heater.

Second of all, I have my own built in anti-scald device. It’s called plumbing pipes. In my home, the water heater is in the basement. Hot water that might be in the water pipe gets cooled down, so when I take a shower upstairs, there’s a whole lot of cold water in that hot water pipe. Believe me, there ain’t no danger of me getting scalded. There’s more danger of my getting hypothermia or something when I turn on that shower.

OK, so we have to watch out for the babies. You know, babies might get scalded if left unattended.

Yeah, ok. So, what moronic parent lets their baby unattended while the baby takes a shower or bath? So some moronic parent does this, and now I’m unable to get really really hot water when I want it?

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree!! I had my tank replaced and had to pay for this device. Now my family is complaining that the water is not hot enough in the shower. I must agree....I have it as hot as possible and it is luke warm!! Also the clothes in the washer do not get as clean and my dish washer sucks now because the water is not hot enough. Anyone know how to defeat this?? Send me a note at