Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sociology of Deviance

This is Gina Barber,

NDP candidate for London West in the last federal election and also the woman who wrote this letter to the London Free Press in March 2004:
Regarding the article, Vacant retail space sparks call for development freeze (March 15).

According to Controller Russ Monteith, we have to be wary of any attempt to resist the onslaught of big-box stores because "we live in a free-enterprise, free-market society."

Naively believing I live in a democratic society, I voted for Monteith in the last election. I thought the election was about choosing a local government on the basis of one citizen, one vote.

Now I realize the person I voted for thinks it should be one dollar, one vote, and that the role of government and the citizens who elected it is to stay out of the way and let the market dictate.

Perhaps this is the true message of advance polls in the malls: You can vote or you can shop, but your influence goes only as far as your dollars.

Gina Barber
Gina was also spotted by Mike and myself at the recent 'pro-hate' rally in Victoria Park.


Nathan Bennett said...

<<"You can vote or you can shop, but your influence goes only as far as your dollars.">>


How very true and unfortunate. It's strange how that often falls that way -- the strange is often true.

basil said...

I don't vote Liberal, nor do I shop at Wal-Mart; therefore, because other people want that government and those kinds of stores, it sucks to be me. Is Ms. Barber saying we should put an end to democracy as well as the free market?
We each vote with our dollars every time we make a purchase - your decisions are made everyday when you decide to whom you will give your money. Unfortunately, the Party has set itself up with the advantage of raking in all our tax dollars whether we want to give or not - fuck the Party, support the black market!