Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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Anne Marie DeCicco has announced her intention to run for a third term as mayor of London, Ontario. So much for the rumours that she would seek a nomination as a Liberal party candidate in the next provincial or federal elections. While her credentials as a Liberal are not challenged either by ourselves or her Worship, it is probably much nicer to be a big fish in a little London pond than a little fish in a big sea populated by Pauls and Daltons, even if the little pond resembles stormwater backup.

Apparently our choices in the next municipal election may be other members of the current ruling council apparatchiki. From the London Free Press:
Speculation is flying about opponents DeCicco may face in the November 2006 election. Sources say at least two veteran council members — Controllers Bud Polhill and Gord Hume — might take a stab at the top job.

[…] Other names that have surfaced as possible mayoral contenders include Councillors Joni Baechler, Susan Eagle and Ab Chahbar.
While party affiliations are not a standard calling card of municipal politicians in Canada, I don't doubt that the political inclinations of most London councillors and controllers run toward the Liberal, and occasionally NDP, side. Former city councillors Jack Burghardt and Pat O'Brien eventually ran for office under the Liberal brand and Joe Swan for the NDP brand. And an attempt to recruit Susan Eagle for the NDP in the last federal election was unsuccessful for probably the same reasons DeCicco wants to stay on in London.

A highly informal internal mental poll would identify every member of council as a prototypical Liberal except Sandy White, Susan Eagle, Harold Usher and David Winninger who are either self-identified NDP supporters or else need no further demonstration of their social activism sympathies, and Tom Gosnell who has been identified as a supporter of the old Progressive Conservative party. Although I would give Paul van Meerbergen credit for not likely being a supporter of either the Liberals or NDP.

Interestingly, a search of political donations to all parties by the City of London a few months back returned this:


J. Morris Hurwitz said...

Its people like you who are ruining our lovely little town and our society in general. I would further add that you are the type that is ruining Western. You may think yourself to be some silent minority, but conservatives like you who do not understand the difference between economic prosperity and justice, among other important distinctions, are the outspoken majority. No wonder nobody has any academic respect for this school- its been taken over by Iveyite crooks, with no respect for philosophy- ethical, political or otherwise. Feel free to e-mail me and we can duke it out.

gm said...

Mr H
Perhaps, if you would post an argument it might be helpful.

Mike Brock said...

Yeah, how DARE a university abandon the tried, tested a true marxist fundamentals?

gm said...

Knee jerk Marxism is worse than Groucho Marxism.