Monday, March 28, 2005

Memorial cups threatens to empty the wallets of Londoners

I am waiting for the council to suggest they - Opps, I mean we - pay for the parade. Don't want the rest of Canada to think London is full of cheapskates who have a budget to stick to or anything, do we?
The wait is over Basil:
Controller Bud Polhill will be looking for answers about why there won't be a parade during the Memorial Cup when city councillors meet tomorrow. "I'm sure it will get brought up at the meeting," Polhill said yesterday.

Knights governor Trevor Whiffen, a Toronto-based lawyer who heads the local cup committee, said the decision to replace the parade with a paid-admission opening ceremony was made when organizers discovered staging a parade could cost $40,000.

Concern about weather on May 19 -- the day the parade was scheduled -- was another factor, Whiffen said.

He said if the city wants to host a parade, he'd welcome it.

Polhill said city staff would need co-operation from the cup organizers to run a parade.

"They have access to the players. We have access to the roads," Polhill said.

The issue could be referred back to board of control, he said, but time is of the essence.

"Forty thousand dollars is a lot of money. I can't imagine where that number comes from," he said. "The fact is, it would have been nice if we would have known this six months ago. I don't know how we can get it organized now."

The key, he said, is if the community really wants it.
Pass the collection plate then, which is the only real way to determine what the 'community really wants'. For the record, I don't want a damn parade, which is not only expensive, but needlessly obstructs traffic. Remember, these are the people who voted to dump more of our money down the toilet to keep the crumbling relic, better known as Fanshawe Pioneer Village, alive.
Councillors will meet tomorrow to discuss the city's 2006 budget[. . . ]

Hardy said Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco, who is on the cup committee, hadn't expressed any concern about the fact there was no parade.

"There will be enough free activities," he said.

Hardy said if all they did was parade the players down Dundas Street, it wouldn't cost $40,000.

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Deep Throat said...

Rumour 'round city hall has it that for the opening ceremonies Anne Marie is going to be lowered from the ceiling of the JLC in a flaming throne, wearing her infamous strapless red dress and collar. She will then be rescued by four hulking fire fighters who will pass the lifeless princess around a circle, each attempting to breath life into her languid body with mouth to mouth resuscitation. Meanwhile Jeff Fielding will provide commentary on the physical merits of each of her rescuers. Sounds positively titillating!