Wednesday, March 23, 2005

London Ontario - A city of holes and ruts

Sounds like a cash grab to me, but the city's defense, as presented by the Free Press, doesn't spell good news for the sacred trough.

London has been slapped with a $1.6-million lawsuit by a man who shattered his ankle in a tumble to the ice during a hockey game at Glen Cairn arena. A statement of claim filed in the Superior Court of Justice in London claims negligence by the city in the January 2004 incident and seeks damages on behalf of Randall Trineer, his spouse, Heather Cushing, and his children, Michael Cushing, 9, and Thomas Cushing- Trineer, 5.

The statement of claim, filed by London lawyer Hamoody Hassan, says Trineer was injured when his skate blade caught in a hole or rut in the arena ice surface. He was playing hockey at the time.

. . . .

The statement says the city was negligent on 21 points, including failing to properly maintain and inspect the arena's ice surface and failing to employ competent employees to maintain, supervise, clear, patch and flood the ice.

In a statement of defence, the city denies negligence.

It says Trineer was negligent in failing to keep a proper lookout, failing to inspect ice conditions before the game and continuing to play when "he was aware or ought to have been aware of the alleged defect in the ice and ought to have avoided the alleged defect or ceased playing hockey." The statement of defence adds Trineer was an incompetent skater and skated in a careless manner.
Okay, and I should know that there are potholes on every street, and we'll never mind for the moment that they pop up like mushrooms everyday, so I guess that means I should leave my car parked in the driveway and avoid the roads. But I'll have to avoid the sidewalks too, for I am prone to fall on ice and snow and knowing London like I do, expect the sidewalks to be treacherous, the sidewalk snow removal budget taking the back burner to arts and entertainment as it does. So, I'll stay at home, until I have to move to a subsidized housing unit.

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basil said...

First of all, if you're worried about potholes, everyone knows you gotta drive an SUV in London - them roads is rough! But you'll be safe in a Hummer. If you ain't driving one you're either poor, stupid or some enviro-commie (or all the above). I'm sure if you drive down to the JLC to catch such moving cultural events as Disney on Ice you'll find the sidewalks around the facilities in reasonable repair. Just don't stray too far from the arena - but then, why would you walk downtown? London takes care of those of us who matter.