Sunday, March 27, 2005

It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it

Imagine yourself as one of Canada's over-worked MP's fretting over mind-boggling ethical issues: gay marriage; The Party embezzling millions of dollars for themselves; considering sending pot growers to jail for 14 years while Karla Homoka gets out after 12.

Then suddenly someone says, "we gotta get the low-down on this red light thing." You shake your weary head, pat your aching belly full of filet mignon and stumble forward, nearly spilling your martini, to say, "Mr. Martin, despite what the wife says, I'm willing to take this mission."

What will you need for your mission?

A group of MPs studying Canada's prostitution laws is seeking $200,000 in federal funds to visit European cities with red-light zones and legal brothels. The five-member justice subcommittee plans to visit Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden. Reno, Nev., is also on the list.
There's no messing around here, they're gonna send you to the front lines.
The $143,678 travel budget request for Liverpool, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Stockholm includes $62,840 for transportation, $25,328 for accommodation, $12,000 for food and $43,500 for miscellaneous items such as interpretation, official gifts and fees. The travelling party includes three staff members.

That's right, $43 500 for, ah, miscellaneous items such as "gifts and fees" - no doubt, a very important part of visiting and studying prostitutes - and, of course, interpreters: "Ask her if they call it 'pussy' in Swedish?"
Of course, Sweden takes an approach to the issue which sounds like an inversion of Canada's proposed pot laws:
"We want to go to Sweden because they have a particular model there where they decriminalize the sex worker, or the prostitute, and they still criminalize the customers," NDP MP Libby Davies said.
There, following that logic, they would legalize growing pot but make it a criminal act to buy it. But, unfortunately, Sweden retains some of the most archaic drug laws in western Europe. But don't worry my world weary friend, "Onward to Amsterdam!"

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Mike said...

I can understand why the Liberals want to establish a monopoly on the whoring business, as a natural complement to their drug, alcohol, tobacco, money laundering, and gambling businesses.

"Horizontal" consolidation of vices is undoubtedly a great way to enrich the Party, but this is so impractical. Aren't there Canadian pimps who can offer management advice? Why don't they give Judy Sgro a call?

Let's keep the business local and buy Canadian.