Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Why not give the Stanley Cup to the special olympics?

Even Adrienne Clarkson has something to say about the Stanley Cup. Once her reign as Governor General is over, she should consider running for mayor of London, Ontario. We have the JLC you know and The London Knights.

Instead of putting forth the idea that the women's league begin their own tradition, Clarkson advocates the appropriation of another's existing meaning and history. But then, rewards aren't earned in Canada.

Canadian Governor General Adrienne Clarkson doesn't think the Stanley Cup should be a casualty in the war between the NHL's owners and players.

Clarkson believes if the NHL isn't going to use the trophy this season, it should be freed from the league's clutches and contested in a showdown between the world's best women's hockey teams – the Canadian and U.S. national squads.

"I think the Stanley Cup is so important to Canadians. It's our game and the Stanley Cup symbolizes that," explained Clarkson Tuesday in an interview with CBC Newsworld.
Asides from the usual crap about promoting and rewarding women's hockey, albeit with a borrowed cup, Clarkson insists that all Canadians care about and would support the interference of public interests into private ones:
. . . earlier this year, Edmonton lawyer Roderick Payne challenged the NHL's monopoly on the Stanley Cup, claiming independent trustees, not the league, controlled the trophy.

Payne's interpretation was dismissed by Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant, who determined the NHL has control of the Stanley Cup.

Clarkson says she hasn't had any contact with the Cup's trustees about the possibility of a challenge cup outside the auspices of the NHL. She believes it's up to the public to decide what should happen next.

"[The Stanley Cup] is so beyond 'just a little trophy,'" Clarkson said, "we have to see what Canadians want to do with it."
Private rights be damned - the public speaks via the pampered mouth of our holy Governor General.

The most egalitarian approach would be to let us all compete for that cup, irrespective or race, sex, age, or economic position. As true Canadians, we will also want to change the rules a bit, for we wouldn't want the disadvantaged to miss out on the chance to secure the cup. We should also issue tax credits to the poor, so they can buy skates and a stick to compete.


basil said...

"[The Stanley Cup] is so beyond 'just a little trophy,'" Clarkson said, "we have to see what Canadians want to do with it."

Well, if she wants my opinion, and I'm sure she doesn't, I think she can stuff it up her Royal ass. Perhaps she could then spend a few hundred grand to hire a commission to determine whether it's an exact fit. And a few grand more to have it resized just in case it's not. And a few hundred grand to have it gold plated while it's up there. Nothing's too good for our national treasures.

EclectEcon said...

Magnificent post. I sometimes refer to Clarkson as Canada's Governess General.

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