Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Vice Squad, better known as the Canadian Liberals

The Oppressor Mac Harb, the Liberal senator who believes that voting should be mandatory for all Canadians is now rallying for legalized prostitution. This is in line with the Liberal quest to gain control over marijuana sales, which is also to be discussed at the upcoming Liberal convention. See how they entrench their monopolies, as they seek further control over our bodies.

Judy Sgro is a Liberal too.

From The Toronto Sun:
FEDERAL GRITS will be asked to support legalizing prostitution when they gather for their convention in Ottawa next week, Sun Media has learned. A resolution prepared by Young Liberals calls for the removal of the Criminal Code offence of communicating for the purposes of sex in return for money.


"The sex trade is a profession central to the subsistence of many Canadian citizens" and the fear of being charged drives hookers into "dangerous and harmful locations," the resolution reads.

If passed by Liberal delegates, it would urge the federal government to remove Section 213 of the Criminal Code, dealing with solicitation.

"It's a great idea," said Grit Senator Mac Harb, who has long supported decriminalizing the world's oldest profession and giving municipalities the power to license and regulate brothels in designated red-light districts.

"I think you will solve a problem that isn't going to go away," Harb said.

In 2003 there were nearly 6,000 prostitution-related charges filed in Canada.
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basil said...

With all these 'liberal' ideas floating around, sounds like this convention ought to be quite the party.