Monday, February 28, 2005

The Liberal Menace

First Marc Emery throws his support behind the NDP in an attempt to legalize marijuana only to be threatened with a law suit shortly thereafter, because of a campaign picture produced by the B.C. Marijuana party of Happy Jack and a giant pot leaf.

Now we learn, via Neale News, that Marc-Boris St-Maurice, the former leader of the Marijuana party, is throwing his support behind the Liberal Party. It is no wonder Canadians are confused:
Canadians are confused about what the federal government means when it talks about the decriminalization of pot, a new poll shows. The poll of 1,000 Canadians was done by the polling firm SES for Tory MP Randy White.

The survey was done from Jan. 28-Feb. 2 and is accurate to plus or minus 3 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

White said he was surprised by the confusion. "The government is doing a very poor job. If they are moving into decriminalization of marijuana, then they should spend hundreds of dollars on television, on radio and in newspapers, explaining this to Canadians," White said.

The survey asked: "The Canadian government has recently moved to decriminalize the personal possession of marijuana. Do you believe that decriminalization (a) makes possession legal, (b) leaves possession illegal, (c) unsure, (d) no answer.

"One out of every two, or 49% of Canadians believe that decriminalizing marijuana actually makes possession legal," SES president Nik Nanos said the poll indicates.

Of those surveyed, 41% said they believed decriminalization leaves possession illegal. With decriminalization, marijuana possession would be illegal but not a criminal offence, much like, for example, speeding.
If we want the government to butt out of people's private lives, joining the enemy is not the answer. In an earlier post, I briefly examined the Liberal's proposal and suggested the likely outcome will be regulation in the form of a taxable government monopoly over pot sales, and harsher penalties for growers. The statists should not be spending taxpayer money on 'public awareness' campaigns and 'treatment' programs - before we know it, weed will be sold with a mandatory warning label. Marijuana use is a personal choice and not something the government should be controlling at any level.

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Mike said...

"Never trust a hippie."

Once Gay Marriage is played out as a sexy distraction from corruption, the Party will need a new way to paint the Progressive Alliance as haters and bigots while getting the votes of the variously addled and distracting attention from some nine figure number or another.

Dope Legalization may just do the trick. The communist hippies get their lifestyle choice validated by the Man, "family" members get another drug empire to run, and the Progressive Alliance and the Great Satan are painted as out of touch bigots yet again.