Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Keeping the Natives on the Reserve…

Aboriginal leaders say the only way to improve the deplorable conditions on reserve is for the federal government to make radical changes in the way it delivers programs. — CBC
Dust my Broom notices that Aboriginal leaders make no mention of what they are going to do to improve those conditions.

No wonder… Conservative Life points out that London is home to the posh home of the Southern First Nations Secretariat. This is what taxpayers get to see for the $7 billion a year for helping out Native Canadians:

This is what the Native Canadians back home get to see:

Images source: Conservative Life

Native leaders in Canada have mastered the art of keeping their bread buttered with government funds. Just like the Palestinians, a constituency oppressed and impoverished by its own leadership is used as propaganda fodder to funnel a neverending flow of humanitarian funds from a well-meaning but misinformed taxpaying population into the leaders' own pockets. It is never going to be in the best interests of Aboriginal leaders to actually lift their constituents out of poverty — the easy money would dry up. And just like the Palestinians, the liberal media obliges by failing to ask hard questions of the leadership and by continuing to portray Native Canadians as innocent victims of the white man…

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darcey said...

That is a perfect post. Your right, whenever they need more money they cry about self-induced hardships. It is not all. I have a good many native friends and family. It bothers me that almost all that get into the power structure become corrupt.