Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Further parking woes in London

I suppose the city gets to keep the revenue from the tickets?

Politicians hope to put an end to London's parking free-for-all by allowing the city to issue tickets in private lots. City council will be asked Monday to endorse a committee plan that would eventually discourage scofflaw parkers who now can sit for weeks with no threat of being towed.

London's environment and transportation committee this week detailed a pilot project that could see private property owners permit city commissionaires -- who patrol parking on city streets -- to ticket vehicles that shouldn't be in their lots.

[. . . . ]

Commissionaires can ticket parking violators at city-operated meters and in city-run lots. Just 12 of about 65 lots in the core are run by the city.

The parking issue surfaced last week, when several business owners complained they weren't able to hire towing companies to remove illegally parked vehicles from their property.

Towing companies said it's not worth it for them to yank vehicles from private property because under London's licensing bylaw, drivers are allowed to demand impounded vehicles back for free.

That bylaw was enacted several years ago, in an effort to combat ruthless towers, such as George Nash.

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Though the city hopes eventually to create a more balanced bylaw that would make it more worthwhile for tow companies to legitimately seize cars, moving forward with a plan to ticket vehicles will help, said Coun. Fred Tranquilli, chair of the environment and transportation committee.

"This does not address the ability of people to tow cars, but it does address parking problems in a way," he said. "At least the vehicle owners would be getting some form of (deterrence)."

Council's endorsement would allow the committee to direct city staff to look into the legalities of implementing a pilot project that Tranquilli hopes to see running next month.
Perhaps if there was somewhere to park in this wretched city we wouldn't be in this mess. Although London did have a problem with ruthless towing companies a few years back, the bylaw which is currently in effect clearly puts limits on what people can do to prevent violations concerning their private property. If someone parks in my driveway without my permission, I should be able to get them towed and they should have to pay the penalty for their violation.

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Anonymous said...

London needs to put into place some sort of oversight on the Nazi like Commissionaires ability to intimidate vehicle owners, upon their return. Motorists do not need to be treated like children when recieving a ticket, let alone be told off in threatening terms. Someone needs to put a stop to the reign of the Commissionaires, perhaps at the cost of scrapping them.