Sunday, January 30, 2005

You're all fired

Political Staples, on a CBC hit piece on their future rival.

I hope a Fox News producer figures out that occasional on air segments exposing and fisking CBC News would make great TV for Fox's Canadian lineup.


Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reilly did make mention of the CBC piece a couple times last week, and I believe he had planned to address it in some detail, possibly during last Friday's show. Unfortunately, I did not see it. confirms that Friday's show did address the tape, but I can't find anything more in the foxnews archive.

There is a quick summary paragraph in the archive, at

Anonymous said...

From Rachel Marsden:
"They actually had stupidity experts talking about why Bush is officially a moron."
Let's hope that further declining ratings will encourage the Liberals to let the CBC starve to death by funding attrition. Make it your patriotic duty to get Fox News, or at least to never watch or listen to CBC again.