Monday, January 24, 2005

Yo homies, Tom Gosnell's in the house!

Support for high rise slammed

North Londoners are fuming over city hall support for a planned 12-storey apartment building that will tower over their neighbourhoods. And they're also angry the city is planning to designate land adjacent to the Richmond Street site for more high-rise buildings.

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Calling it a "breach of the public's trust" and a violation of the city's planning process, residents near the site will be at city council tonight to show their opposition.

"I'm just sick about it," said Kelly Mancari, whose house faces the proposed high-rise.

"The real obscenity of this whole thing is that we pursued that (community) plan at great expense and time and it's only lasted eight years and now they're already trying to reverse it."
Well, you didn't have all those conveniently located superstores on those former farmfields at that time, making the now contested land far more valuable in it's present state. But I wouldn't suggest anyone at city hall has anything to gain in holding off investment until the most opportune moment.
The Tricar Group wants to build the 150-unit apartment complex at 1985 Richmond St., land now zoned for medium- density, low-rise housing.

City staff support the re-zoning bid, saying the site qualifies for high-density development, including its location on an arterial road close to Fanshawe Park Road's shopping centres.

. . .

The issue surfaced at council's planning committee last week, with the committee split on the issue.

Committee chairperson Coun. Cheryl Miller, Coun. Roger Caranci and Controller Bud Polhill supported the rezoning. Opposed were councillors Rob Alder, Judy Bryant and David Winninger.

It's up to council to decide.

. . .
Well, no mention so far of them providing cash and/or city service incentives to the developers of this plan. Maybe it's actually a good place for it instead of bribing them to build highrises in an artificially sustained downtown?

Residents in the area, including tony Chancery Place and the 50-year-old Uplands neighbourhood directly across Richmond, say the rezoning is unnecessary. They also say its unfair since residents, the city and developers spent three years developing a 20-year community plan that shouldn't be ignored.

"It's not 'Let's make a deal' planning in the City of London," said McTeer.

. . .
Oh no - since when? Somebody better tell city hall.

Baechler said if the city allows the rezoning, it will set a precedent that would threaten all community development plans. "Why bother consulting the public in the first place if you're not going to live by the plan? It's a breach of the public's trust and the entire planning process."
Not to mention it's a complete waste of time and money. But hey, if having such commitees keeps the folks on Dufferin St. busy and from getting into real mischief . . .

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