Thursday, January 27, 2005

Strings attached

For those of us in Ontario who thought that the Liberals here actually passed a sensible piece of legislation:

Restaurateurs don't appear to be popping their corks over Ontario's new bring-your-own wine legislation. New rules allowing customers to bring their own wine to restaurants took effect Monday. But don't rush to your favourite bistro with your bottle of vino in hand.

Restaurants that want to allow patrons to bring their own wine have to apply for an amendment to their liquor licences. Less than a dozen of Ontario's 17,400 licensed establishments have applied and none has been approved.

Mark Kitching of Waldo's on King was enthusiastic about the idea of his patrons bringing their own bottle of wine when the provincial Liberal government announced the change last summer.

But Kitching said he lost interest when he found out he would have to apply for a liquor licence amendment.

"If you already have a licence, it should cover this. But they have to make it more complicated. That's government for you," Kitching said yesterday.
This is an inconsequential and token bit of legislation which the Liberals no doubt hope acts as a smoke screen for their evil controls in other areas of our lives. It is going to cost us too, in terms of bureaucratic time to process the applications (that is, if anyone bothers to apply for amendments to their licences) and more shameless government self-promotion:
Ontario Consumer and Business Minister Jim Watson is scheduled to officially launch the BYOW campaign next week.

One other change in the Liquor Licence Act allows licensed establishments to recork a partially consumed bottle of wine so patrons can take it home.

A permit is not needed, but the restaurant must use a proper recorking tool, Campion said.
As most restaurants will also be charging corking fee, for most of us, it will be more economical to buy the wine from the restaurant. Note we still need nannying, as the bottle must be securely recorked so that we are not overly tempted to guzzle the rest of the bottle on the way home.


EclectEcon said...

What if I take one of my favourite wines -- with a screw-top cap?

MapMaster said...

Of course you would then have to be charged a screwing fee.

basil said...

Pay for a screw? That's prostitution!