Monday, January 24, 2005

"It's moist, succulent. I like it. I'll be back."

A vegetarians nightmare - I shudder:

It's a sign of the times: A sandwich that jumps right off reality TV and into your belly - no plate required.

The Western Angus Steak Burger, a barbecue sauce-slathered creation introduced on Thursday's episode of "The Apprentice," made its real-life debut yesterday in 7,800 Burger Kings.

Sales of the concoction invented by "Apprentice" contestants were reportedly brisk at the Fifth Ave. Burger King where the "Apprentice" winners originally created their masterpiece.

Larry Bolling, 47, an ad man from Baldwin, L.I., isn't a fan of "The Apprentice," but turned out to be a major fan of the Western Angus, which, perhaps in the name of efficiency, includes onion rings right on the burger.

"I can honestly say the fish sandwich has some competition right now," he said solemnly, wiping some errant sauce from his cheek. "It's moist, succulent. I like it. I'll be back."

But graphic designer Oscar Molina of the Bronx eyeballed the wall-to-wall ads, which feature Trump's head hovering behind a monster sandwich, and wasn't moved to slap down $5.19 for the limited-time offer.

"I don't have a strong emotional response to it," sniffed Molina, 24. "It could be a little jazzier."

It also could be a lot healthier, one doctor told The News.

"It's unconscionable to foist this on the American public," raged Dr. Harvey Hecht, director of preventive cardiology at Beth Israel Medical Center.

"For a role model like Donald Trump to promote a burger where there's no redeeming features - I can't quite understand why he would do that," said Hecht. "I would recommend eating a burger like that as much as I would recommend a pack of cigarettes."
Donald Trump as role model? I thought all good socialists hated businessmen. As for Trump's motivations: he wants to make money. If you don't like it, then don't go to Burger King.

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Russ UK said...

That looks tasty. (The burger, not the babe!) Well both really!