Saturday, January 29, 2005

"It's annoying when people keep bringing this up,"

No conflict of interest here:

Deputy Mayor Tom Gosnell says he'll vote, not abstain, when council decides how much taxpayers subsidize new shopping districts, even though one of his clients, a developer, could have as much as $613,000 hanging in the balance. Gosnell says he had no conflict of interest because all commercial developers, not just his client, could be hurt by a London city hall proposal to hike charges developers pay to cover more of the cost of roads, sewers and water lines.

His participation is no different than that of a councillor who owns a home voting to set property taxes, he said.

"I have a house but that doesn't mean I shouldn't talk about tax increases," he said.
On the basis of such reasoning, no councillor should vote on anything, as council would be involved in a conflict of interest on virtually every issue. If such arguments lead to the dissolution of council, then I will happily celebrate London's 150th.

As it stands though, Gosnell will be one of the only homeowners in London who can afford to go to a shopping center - the incomes of most Londoners will be eaten up funding developers and expensive city capital projects and programs.
This is the third time in nine months Gosnell had defended himself against those who criticized the relationship between his work at city hall and his consultant work for First London North.

Last year, before council approved the First London development over some reservations from city staff, Gosnell lobbied staff and set up meetings between the developer and council members.

"It's annoying when people keep bringing this up," Gosnell said this week.
I am happy to annoy you Tom and I will be sure to bring this up again and again.


Anonymous said...

Tom Gosnell is above your petty morality. Just who do you think you are to criticize the Deputy Mayor? He is an important man and makes important decisions for other important people. You are mere rabble snapping at his heels. You plebeians should be thankful that Mr. Tom is so generous and intelligent that he creates these opportunities for commercial development in your otherwise horrid little town. He only associates with the best developers, ensuring you get only the right kind of developement. We need men with his connections to lead this town and to keep these so called free market buffoons out, as in truth, they are mere anarchists. London is a city of privilage for the few - let's keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

A perfect example of why nobody on council should ever decide anything more than where to put up a stop sign, if even that. What a bunch of crooks. And Gosnell is probably one of the most honest of the bunch, too.