Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Commercial break

Via Western Standard, "Iraqi Pro-Unity And Elections" ads (number 8 is subtitled).


The Atavist said...

A fellow Londoner, I stumbled on this blog via link from some other frustrated blogger somewhere and, after scanning the contents, am hooked. This is even more fun than throwing darts at a poster of Susan Eagle or trying to parse a speech by Joe Fontana. I'll be visiting often. In fact, I've added a link from my own blog.

Keep it up.

MapMaster said...

Thanks for visiting, Atavist. I'm glad you like our disgruntled look at London and beyond.

I'll be putting up a link to your blog soon. Glad to see another libertarian in London (there's actually probably quite a few sensible people in London, you would just never know judging by the people we elect). Your son is a lucky kid.