Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A very costly decision

Soon enough, government sponsored child care will become an entrenched 'right', just like health care. Those of us who protest will be labelled as callous and inhumane. Never mind that there won't be money left for adults to feed themselves and look after their own families - better off demanding that your neighbour pay for your children.

Thousands of London families could end up on child-care waiting lists if the city doesn't buy into a new program, city council was warned last night. Coun. Susan Eagle told councillors child-care experts predict thousands more London families could become eligible for subsidized child care under new regulations that take effect next year.

The new rules ease financial restrictions and could fuel demand, Eagle said, as city politicians consider a recommendation to turn down $1.6 million in federal child-care funding in a dispute with the province.

"We need those child-care dollars," Eagle said later in an interview. "We can't solve this problem at the expense of our children. Without that (federal) money, it means families becoming eligible will now be put on waiting lists."

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Controllers are upset the province is insisting municipalities put up 20 per cent of the total funding, even though all the money is coming from the federal government.

The new federal funding could provide spaces for about 100 additional children.

That is in addition to the $363,000 the city already added to its child-care budget in September to get $1.8 million in the first wave of federal money.

City council will vote on the board's recommendation at budget meetings next month.

"I want people to understand we have not turned down this money," Coun. Cheryl Miller said.

Others council members said although they understand the conflict with the province, they want the city to pay the 20 per cent to get the child-care dollars flowing to families and battle the province later.

"At the end of the day, I hope we put the children first," said Coun. Sandy White.

"It's funding that is long overdue. Just today, I talked to two moms who were offered employment and had to turn it down because they don't have (affordable) child care."

At risk of sounding callous, perhaps you shouldn't breed until you can afford to pay for childcare. As usual, the notion of incentive and responsibility falls on deaf ears in this country. There is always going to be someone worse of than me, but I fail to see why I should fall further into poverty to pay for my neighbour's needs. What ever happened to freely given charity, and family aid and love? May as well set up the ration line now - let us get rid of money altogether. Let the Susan Eagles and Sandy Whites of the world decide what is in the best interest of society.

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Anonymous said...

... as city politicians consider a recommendation to turn down $1.6 million in federal child-care funding in a dispute with the province.Ahh, there's nothing quite like that feeling you get when you're bent over and shagged by three levels of government simultaneously.