Friday, December 24, 2004

Skulls and bones

The excellent Justzumgai puts the Newfoundland flag flap in perspective:

Would you care if the Rock Machine refused to display the Hells Angels colours in a dispute over the control of hookers and cocaine distribution?

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AlbertaPat said...

And over how many Quebec government buildings does the Maple Leaf flag fly? Whilst I think Williams is asking more than perhaps he should (if, that is, he IS asking for no change in equalisation as well as the natural resource revenue---or is that Federal spin: note how fast the various Federal Cabinet Ministers jumped up to make exactly the same comments about Williams and Newfoundland) I think he's dead on taking the flags down. The Feds under Martin are playing hardball with everyone EXCEPT Quebec.

When Paul "The Fog" Martin was running for the leadership I predicted we would look back at the Chretien era with some fondness. At least he was a relatively above-board crook. Martin (guided, of course, by the sinister Maurice Strong, also Koffi Anan's puppet-master, and the architect of the failing Kyoto farrago) is far more corrupt and far more subtle with it.