Monday, December 6, 2004

Signs, Stickers and Public Awareness will save us all according to the Ontario Government

I am sorry that this man died. However, I do question the fine of $125,000 which was levied at the township of Norwich. The guy walked away from his truck afterall and I fail to see why the township should be required to put signposts on everything. Accidents do happen and isn't it perhaps likely this accident would have occured even with the sign in place.

An investigation by Ontario's Labour Ministry found there were no warning signs or any other measures in place to ensure the dump trucks did not come within three metres of power lines.

The driver was employed by a gravel supplier hired by the Township of Norwich to add gravel to a road bed at a road rebuilding project.

The driver had begun to raise the dump box to dump gravel and then left the truck's cab to talk to a signalman.

Noticing the box was rising toward power lines, the driver ran back, but touched the control after the dump box was in contact with the power lines.