Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The mathematics of funding according to the Liberals
(Have they changed the curriculum yet?)

The board of control taking a sensible and responsible position protecting the taxpayers' interests? Let me sit down for a moment . . .

London's battle with the province over child-care funding erupted on the floor of the Ontario legislature yesterday.

[ . . . ] Although entirely funded by the federal government, the province -- which dispenses the cash -- insists London spend $1 for every $5 it gets.

"The premier appears to be taking credit for the child-care funding," Gosnell said.

"It's pretty disingenuous to claim credit for something that is federal money and then put strings attached to it that creates a greater burden for London taxpayers."

[ . . . ] The board argues the child-care funding is federal money and should flow to municipalities with no strings attached.

But the province demands municipalities pay 20 per cent, based on an 80-20 cost-sharing agreement struck in 2000.
Wait a second, I thought it was $1 in municipal money for every $5 of federal money? That would be an 87-13 cost sharing program. How am I supposed to believe anything in the London Free Press when they make this kind of mistake? (Not that I would really believe them anyway.)
McGuinty, echoing Labour Minister Chris Bentley of London, said the province eased pressure on municipal budgets by giving them a two-cent-a-litre share of the provincial gas tax to fund public transit expansion.

"It means that money that might otherwise have gone (to transit expansion) is available for child care. That is exactly what it means," McGuinty told Hampton.
The province is playing a terrible public relations campaign with the citizens of Ontario. They are in big trouble and they know it -- budget time in the spring should be interesting. We should soon expect to see the province floundering in debt and a weak economy, so they expect a little credit for another European-style bloated bureaucratic penny-candy bag for the people. It's not even their money and they're telling people how they can get it. That sounds like the Liberals -- it's all about control.

The fairly modest proposal (in financial terms) of the federal Liberals to start a subsidized daycare program has already opened up a nasty can of worms, and I'm not talking about squabbling between different levels of government (although that is bound to happen in the constitutional mess we live in). What's happening is that it's already become a HUMAN RIGHT! Rats.
"There are a lot of people who are angry and they're actually more disappointed because they have a pressing need for child-care spaces and they thought they were going to be able to provide more," Hampton said.