Friday, December 10, 2004

I wonder

As a man of the capitalist persuasion, can I now marry a corporation? Or are some legal people more equal than others? I can practically hear the hate, the laughter of a society of discrimination, in response to that question.

But don't go shoving your bigoted corpraphobic rhetoric down my throat. And I don't want to hear any hateful code words about "civil unions", or "freedom of contract".

Ontario Corporation 39743920 and I may have a relationship that goes beyond the parameters of your bigotry and unexamined prejudice but that is no reason to keep us apart.

And who are you to tell us that this package from the lightbulbs I bought yesterday does not also belong in our union of love?

If that fuddy duddy priest doesn't get here on time he is so going to hear from Human Rights. I saw that look in his eye.

Update: The Supreme Court, via Colby Cosh, seem to lay down that, where there is disagreement about the definition of marriage, the court must yield.

Hurrah! I disagree with humans not being allowed to share their love with willing, properly regulated corporate entities and cardboard containers of their choosing. Maybe one day I will take the Corporation of the City of London as one of my wives! I know I can change it.


Lisa said...

Once I get an upgrade, I am going to marry my mac!

basil said...

Marry a Mac, hell, I want the right to legally fuck my cat! I hereby challenge the current definition of marriage so that I might legally consummate my relationship with my pussy.