Monday, December 6, 2004

Evil begets Evil

Thanks to Ianism for exposing this blatant disrespect for private property and hard work by the supposed guardians of public safety. Recently, right here in Ontario, the police plowed through a rural farmers field: "the 7-foot wide police vehicle had driven 850 feet down the field (effectively shelling all of the beans out of their fragile pods and onto the ground) backed into the corn, made a 75-foot diameter U-turn and drove out again while a military helicopter buzzed over our home for half an hour." A delicate and experimental portion of a crop of delicious azuki beans was destroyed. For what? Because the cops were after a local marijiuana growers crops and decided to take a short cut through Mr. McRae's field, without telling him and without respect for his property. Mr. McRae had nothing to do with the marijuana and was not suspected of having anything to do with it either, it would seem. The war against pot leads to further violations in this province and country.

Read Shawn McRae's description and thoughts on the matter.