Monday, December 6, 2004

Enough Already!!

Just when you thought these buffoons at city hall had finished bickering over the naming of the new Oxford bridge .....The name calling continues:

...councillor David Winninger said he will make a motion tonight to name the bridge for Sir Frederick Banting, the inventor of insulin and the leading choice in a Free Press poll conducted on the issue last month.

Winninger said Banting Bridge has a nice ring and is appropriate to honor someone "who really put London on the map."

Winninger said the controllers are simply miffed that their original recommendation to name the bridge after Harry Sifton, founder of Sifton Developments, seemed to get little support.

"I guess they were not going to promote any name if it couldn't be Sifton," he said.

Winninger noted records in the city clerk's office showed Sifton Developments gave the maximum $750 campaign contribution to all of the controllers in the last election except for Gord Hume, who received $500.