Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bullies II

Mark Mishriky is fuming over a proposed law that would banish smokers from patios -- like the one he just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars adding to his downtown bar. Mishriky, who has owned GTs at Richmond and York streets for 17 years, was stunned last night to hear the province had announced an anti-tobacco bill that would ban smoking in all public places, including enclosed outdoor patios.

"It's not right," said Mishriky, who bought and renovated the old New Yorker theatre next to his bar to meet requirements of London's smoking bylaw, which would be overtaken by the new law.

"We had to buy a building, gut it. . . completely restructure it and rip the roof off.

"They forced us to spend a whole pile of money. Now (they're) turning around a year later and saying, 'All that money is spent? You can't use it.' That's ridiculous."
Using my amazing psychic powers, I foretold this when you obeyed the ridiculous London anti-smoking bylaw: that you guys would be screwed by these bigots if you sucked up to them rather than standing up for your livelihoods with passive civil disobedience. 33% ventilation would soon enough prove insufficient to cope with the terror of second hand smoke.

Why would these energetic bigots stop, when you have shown that you will roll over and let them run your business for you? And spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in their economy for no good reason other than obedience to an immoral law?

I'm amazed by how the collective head is so muddled that people get into a big dither about men having the right to marry, while fundamental property rights that a five year old understands are tossed aside with the stroke of a pen by someone who has never held an honest job or met a payroll. I don't understand you people at all.

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basil said...

Need I bother mention that I recall some brownshirt from the London Middlesex Health [conrtol]Untit saying right from the time they allowed smoking patios in London's anti-liberty crusade that these patios were merely a temporary transitional phase to a smoke-free London?
They also know better than to enact private home legislation in one grand swoop - my God, that would infringe upon private rights! Nope, they will start small, pretend they are reasonable and compromising (with everyone's best interest in mind) and, before you know it, stomp all over you. Watch: first it will be in the provincially administered housing to set a good example (who cares if 75% of their mental health clients smoke, it's bad for them - why, they'd be better off dead than addicted to nicotine!); next it will extend to homes in which children and various disabled are present; and then residences in apartment buildings as well as apartments in privately owned homes. Only those who can afford a private residence at least 9 metres from the nearest neighbour's door will be allowed to smoke (whether neighbours complain or not).
Then the ministers can sit on the patios of their country estates and puff on their fat Cubans and boast how successfully they have managed to control each and every aspect of your life.
Perhaps next they'll take away the private citizen's right to drive a car. It's only logical, look how many people die and are injured in car crashes - calculate the billions in lost produtivity - if only everyone were all on public transit! Not to mention the air quality (yeah, cigarettes are by far a much worse health hazard beside an Escalade, but that doesn't mean that Caddy is healthly to inhale). In banning cars we could eliminate drive thrus which might serve a nasty blow to the evil fast food industry as well. Public transit could make apples available at the front of the bus instead . . .
Don't worry, this won't be happenning too soon, our 'democratic' system is still too dependent on corporate and union donations from the auto industry. In the mean time take solace in the knowledge that G. Slitherman cares so much about your personal well being - even though you mightn't have any pleasures left to enjoy in this life time.
Makes me want to take up a pack a day habit just thinking about it.