Sunday, December 12, 2004

"Am not I / A fly like thee? / Or art not thou / A man like me?"

Fruit flies 'prove humans need courtship rituals'

Scientists claim research into fruit flies proves humans really do need proper rituals when it comes to courting.

They say a man's success in wooing may be all down to brain structure, with some born seducers and others fumblers.

The team found a courtship ritual existed among fruit flies, and this may be similar in humans who have the same basic cell structure, says the Herald Sun.

Stanford University's Professor Bruce Baker says under normal conditions the male fly goes through a sequence that involves following the female, tapping her with his foreleg, "singing" by vibrating his wings, and finally touched her before trying to mate.

I've tried this and the ladies usually swat me.

But some of the flies whose 60 cells had been interfered with tried to do all this at once and ended up in failure.

Oh, so that's why I can't get no action - my cells have been interfered with.

"So what normally takes a total of four minutes is reduced to just 10 seconds, and that doesn't work very well," he said.

Nope, can't say I get a lot of second dates . . .

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