Saturday, November 20, 2004

Two mannequins are better than one

London's top administrator says a troubling track record of unresolved conflicts at city hall warrants creation of a second position -- at a proposed cost of $100,000 -- to tackle code of conduct and harassment complaints. The new position of human resources specialist would be in addition to the job of human rights specialist held by Joyce Burpee, city manager Jeff Fielding said.

You would have thought they had learned their lesson from the experience of hiring Joyce Burpee. Never let it be said that London doesn't dare to walk down the Road Less Sensible.
Fielding, who has held top municipal postings in Kitchener, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary, said he's never encountered such a high number of complaints that can't be resolved in-house.

All complaints under the city's workplace harassment and discrimination prevention policy that can't be resolved internally are referred to outside investigators.

The probes have contributed to the more than $1 million in outside legal fees London has paid out in the past three years.

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Anonymous said...

So, another human rights specialist is being hired to protect the staff at city hall from the old human rights specialist. That about sums up how London city hall handles its affairs.

Honey Pot