Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Small town corruption

London is so fucked up, even a news story about a road closure can be amusing! A block of a major roadway in London will completely close today until at least Thursday, but it is causing more of a ruckus than the upcoming tax hikes!

And on the topic of roads, it would appear that the idiotic suggestion to rename Airport road is gaining momentum. Thanks to Roger Caranci, along with Controller Bud Polhill and councillors Bernie MacDonald, Fred Tranquilli and Cheryl Miller, maps of London may soon have to be redrawn - but then, who wants to come to London anyway?

"I was very encouraged by the response from the committee and other council members who spoke to me," Caranci said.

"Obviously, there are still a lot of questions yet to be answered, but it appears there aren't any Airport Road addresses to worry about."

Caranci was referring to concerns the name could cause a headache for people and businesses with Airport Road addresses.

In fact, he said, city staff confirmed there are no homes or businesses with Airport Road addresses.

That was one of Walsh's key initial concerns.

"Now I think it's a marvellous idea," Walsh said.

In a letter to the committee, Walsh threw the backing of local Royal Canadian Legion branches behind the idea, noting the federal government has declared 2005 Year of the Veterans in Canada.

"I'm certainly in support of this," said Coun. Susan Eagle, who also asked that the name follow the city's formal process for public input and approval.

"It's a tribute to our veterans," Eagle said
[. . . .]
Polhill noted that renaming the roadway will give veterans a high profile within and outside London because of the traffic and the fact millions of travellers would see signage on Highway 401..

Well, a name change might confuse quite a few folks coming in from the 401 - Airport Road? Hmmm, that is what it says on the map...Don't forget about the cost of replacing road signs, and also that Airport Road is one of the least attractive roads in London. And, don't forget about this:
And the name "veterans" is also in the mix of four new names on the list of candidate names for the new Oxford Street West bridge.
[ . . . .]
Board of control will receive a staff report tomorrow that includes four new suggestions from councillors for naming the bridge.

Other suggestions include naming it after Sir Frederick Banting, co-discoverer of insulin, or David Suzuki, environmentalist, or recognizing the city's 150th anniversary, calling it Celebration Bridge.

The fifth name on the list is Sifton Bridge, named after one of the city's most prominent developers, the late Harry Sifton, who founded a company in 1923 that continues to play a significant role in the city's development.

Contemptible - sounds like the name of the bridge is reserved for someone other than the veterans perhaps...the veterans are being thrown a bone? I am all for recognizing the contributions of the veterans, but this is just shameless politicking for votes. Interesting choice of candidates for the bridge name......