Monday, November 29, 2004

Resistance is futile in Germany Ontario

I read with interest Basil's post concerning the unconstitutionality of the federal ban on cigarette advertising and the mandatory warnings which decorate each pack of Canadian bought cigarettes. While this law is being challenged, and I predict, unsuccessfully, at the federal level, the Ontario cartel is proposing something similiar at the provincial level. In addition to banning smoking in all public places, Slitherman and his cronies plan to ban the public display of cigarettes. Will merchants who sell cigarettes have to purchase a big black case to hide their wares in? It is unbelievable that the people of Ontario would consent to such fascist controls - next time you work yourself into a panic over second hand smoke, think about the cars in the lot next to the 'dirty smoker' and tell me what causes more damage to young lungs. They used to drown and burn witches too you know....

The Ontario government is launching an innovative multi-media campaign to prevent smoking among youth as part of its comprehensive tobacco control strategy, Health and Long-Term Care Minister George Smitherman said today.
"Our government is committed to implementing an aggressive plan to reduce
smoking - the number one preventable killer in this province," said Smitherman. "A key part of this plan is an anti-smoking campaign created by youth, for youth. I'm thrilled to announce that we're fulfilling this important commitment."
[. . . .]
Funded by the provincial government, the campaign was created by a panel of young Ontarians from across the province. The panel, which includes former smokers, non smokers and smoke-free advocates, ages 14 to 21, developed messaging and strategies that would reach Ontario youth in the most relevant and effective way.
"This campaign is a commitment from the government to support young Ontarians in the fight against smoking in this province," said Kierston Fu, Ottawa Resident and Youth Advisory Panel member. "We aren't lecturing kids about what they should do. We're providing information about smoking that we hope will make them stop and think about the choices they make."
The youth campaign is one part of the government's comprehensive tobacco control strategy, which includes upcoming legislation to introduce a 100 per cent smoking ban in all workplaces and public places, as well as efforts to support smokers who choose to quit.
For more information, visit the website:
Butt out Government! I would rather spend my money on a pack of cigarettes than pay for your propaganda!

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I'm so glad that I don't have a doctor so that somebody's cousin could make "".

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