Thursday, November 25, 2004

The horse rears its head

While admiring the Baroque beauty of this little cloud of smoke, I noticed there are two very distinct horse heads in the top of the image. They emerge from the stream of smoke at the base, which looks like sketchy view of a horse's torso seen from behind. One head rears backward while another looks forward. It is as if the lines act as tracings of gestures capturing a wildly gesturing horse. There are at least two distinct heads. After looking at it a while the sense of motion begins to appear and traces of others can be seen. Reminds me of some of Picasso's horse sketches. Very nice photograph. This has always been one of my favourite cigarette warnings, but having noticed this I'm in awe!

Note at least two horse heads extended from the backside view of the horse. Posted by Hello

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basil said...

Also reminds me of slow speed sequential photography . . . or a little Picasso with some Futurism . . . speaking of which, I just found a reproduction of Boccioni's "The City Rises" . . . it's got horses in motion and smoke billowing out of smoke stacks in the background . . . all in the Furutist's attemt to create a sense of movement depicting and celebrating strength and industry in the modern industrial world . . . the Futurists were, of course, also know to have some Fascist tendencies . . . "The Smoke Rises", ha, ha.