Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Greatest Canadian

Cargo cult prophet Tommy Douglas has received the nod.

"Unity, diversity, compassion, caring for each other. I mean this is not an American list. There's nothing Darwinian in this room. It was a very generous list."
This, from a CBC producer.

The show had been caught by a London Fog writer
Who'd got out of bed for a cup of cold cider.
He stared at the screen and said, "CBC, why,
"Why are you taking our pay from us? WHY?"

But, you know, that old network was so smart and so slick
They laid it out straight, and they laid it on thick!
"Why, my fellow Canadian," the TV show cries,
"There's a social consensus to maintain or it dies.
"You'll pay us to tell you you're better than Yanks,
"While we make out like bandits until this thing tanks."

1 Comment:

Ian Scott said...

That comment from the CBC producer is pretty funny. Nice to see that Don Cherry is included in that "compassionate" statement :)