Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Government-enforced monopolies a popular tool in London Ontario

It's official - the buffoons we call council here in London have sided with the monopolistic bullies running the cab industry.

"It's very difficult to please everybody, so there's always going to be contentious issues," said Coun. Roger Caranci, who chairs council's environment and transportation committee.

"But I think many of the people are happy with what transpired tonight."

At least 200 taxi and limousine drivers turned out for the meeting, filling the public gallery and spilling into the main-floor foyer.

Several police officers were on hand to assist security.

The biggest loser under the bylaw will be All Around Limousine. All Around's launch 18 months ago sparked complaints from cabbies the company was operating illegally and taking their fares.

"Taking their fares?" Do the entrenched cab companies have a right to my money somehow that I don't know about? Why am I not allowed to pay All Around Limousine, or any other limousine or cab company for that matter, the rate that we freely agree to? I pay for service that I feel satisfied with and if I am not satisfied, then I do not pay and the crappy companies can freely go out of business or respond to the market and offer better service. Oh, but I forget myself - it's a safety issue.

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Nathaniel said...

Manoman.. I think London is doomed. Maybe I won't move their after all, if they are going to control business so much, based on "fairness." May as well move to Russia or something.