Friday, November 26, 2004

Boot camp planned for two year olds in Ontario

The Public Education system is falling to pieces, but the Ontario Liberals intend to spend even more of the spoils on early years daycare and Liberal indoctrination.

How long before home schooling and private schools are banned in this province? From cradle to grave, "we will control how you think". These are the formative years for young minds, so of course the Liberals will ensure their program is started in on early.

The current regime has only been in power for about a year now, but they are charging ahead with the socialist agenda.

Our first priority is to create a full day of learning and care for four-and five-year- olds," Bountrogianni said.

The first spaces will be located inside or nearby elementary schools to allow children to walk, she said.

By the end of the Liberal mandate in 2007 Bountrogianni wants to create as many as 50,000 child-care spots for kindergarten children .

Fifteen years down the road, the government envisions a full day of learning for children as young as 2 1/2 years old.
And it is going to cost us too - alot!
But even the first phase of the plan will prove very costly. He estimated the board would need more than $30 million, much of that to add 119 classrooms, since the board is over-capacity and kindergarten classrooms are typically shared, with half-day classes in the morning and afternoon.
And Let us not forget the disadvantaged.......
It appears Queen's Park would start with day care spaces for children from low-income families with money also going to children with language and hearing disorders, said Roderic Beaujot, a sociology professor at the University of Western Ontario.

That makes sense because disadvantaged children tend to benefit most from early childhood education, Beaujot said.

[. . . . ]

Bountrogianni said Ontario won't copy Quebec's long- heralded day-care program, where parents pay a daily fee of $7, although she has suggested the province's plan would someday surpass its Quebec counterpart.

"We're not going to have the Quebec model," she said.

"This is a made-in-Ontario model."

The Nanny State rears its ugly head in Ontario.

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basil said...

"A full day of learning and care for four-and five-year- olds" - it's got an ominous ring to it, eh? We must eliminate any opportunity for them to spend time thinking for themselves and exploring the world for themselves (in these most formative years) if we are to completely eliminate dissent.