Friday, October 15, 2004

This really pisses me off

To quote an older fellow I exchanged a few words with the other day while shivering outside having a cigarette, smokers are treated as "second class citizens" - More draconian laws on the way.

In the name of children and good health, the government will eventually effectively control every aspect of your adult life. I don't have children, but I am forced to give up my rights for the sake of other peoples. Read and weep - I am just too pissed off to comment right now.

The dangers of second-hand smoke are so great there should be a ban on lighting up in cars carrying children, Ontario doctors said yesterday, bringing an immediate outcry from critics who labelled it another attack on personal freedoms. The Ontario Medical Association said children's exposure to smoke must be curtailed, arguing that their delicate respiratory systems make them especially susceptible to pulmonary disease and cancer.

In a report released yesterday, the association said cars were up to 23 times more toxic than smokers' homes and some homes were as bad as bars.

"I don't apologize for being pretty intense," Dr. Ted Boadway, the association's executive director of health policy, said in explaining his plea to crack down on cigarettes.

"It is the No. 1 preventable cause of disease and damage to our population and it is something that (causes) disease and damage doctors see morning, afternoon and all night long, every day."

The proposal immediately raised the ire of some smokers who feared such a policy would tread on individual rights and be impossible to enforce.

"Where is the line?" Gord Smith, a 55-year-old father of three adult children, said as he took a cigarette break in downtown Toronto.

"Is this the start of a whole series of government interventions in our private lives? We as individuals have to take responsibility."

Aside from banning lit cigarettes from day cares and the family car, the association wants smoking restricted in foster homes and considered as a factor in child custody decisions.

It also wants Ontario's drug benefit plan to cover nicotine replacement therapies and to make parents and caregivers more aware of the dangers second-hand smoke poses to children.

The province is expected to reveal its anti-tobacco strategy in the next few weeks.

I can't wait!!! We are doomed if these people have their way.

For those of you who were not reading closely enough, note that they want to make the fact that someone smokes a factor in child custody decisions. Never mind the moral merits of the individuals involved - our freedoms are being disgustingly trodden upon by these shameful slime. Your right to determine what constitutes appropriate moral behaviour is no longer your responsibility -- it will now be dictated by the government. WELL BACK RIGHT OFF GOVERNMENT!!

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basil said...

They're in cars. Cars. Fucking cars! Idling on the highway. Yeah, no smoking.