Thursday, October 28, 2004


Contrary to health ministry buttons, Nova Scotia does not offer 'pubic' health services
The Nova Scotia health department has recalled thousands of pins supporting the province's annual flu-shot campaign due to an unfortunate spelling error. The letter "L" was omitted from the word "public" on pins that are to be worn by health-care workers. The buttons contain the slogan "I care. I had my flu vaccination" and they refer to the "Office of Health Promotion and Pubic Health Services." Health Department spokeswoman Melissa MacKinnon told the CBC that 4,700 pins are being recalled. She said the mistake will cost the government $2,200. She said she isn't sure how many people wore the pins. The pins were redesigned for the first time in years, which led to the error, Ms. MacKinnon told the CBC. Clinics across Canada continue to be inundated with travellers from the U.S. seeking the vaccination because they are out of doses at home.

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That is absolutely hillarious!