Friday, October 15, 2004

Owl-eyed "wonks" of tyranny

Read the whole brilliant post -

[ . . . ] you should know that ethics -- the study of values -- is the single most important philosophical study of our time. It is the most rife with ignorance, and this is why so much of economics is simply brain-fart rubbish. Perhaps the most glaring example is the matter of "social security". Every pocket-protected dimwit on the scene has a "plan" for dealing with it, in terms of (for only one general example) "letting" people have "privatized retirement accounts" by legislative permission, but you're not going to find one in a thousand ready to take up the political matter of asserting peoples' freedom to manage their own affairs according to their own values. That's because they are not interested to take up the ethics -- the value, to the owl-eyed "wonks" -- of tyranny. It is nearly universally agreed that a government can simply take up its hammer and beat the ants into shape, and that this is without economic consequence.

Billy Beck at his best!!

And for another hilarious but despairing look at the rampant stupidity that runs through our culture, check out this post - I can just see Council endorsing something like this.

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Jay said...

Beck is outstanding, as always...