Thursday, October 21, 2004

Dead Man solely responsible for adscam

That's right - blame it on the dead guy - that way noone has to go to jail. I guess the fog editors won't be getting that dinner from Mike!

A dead man has become the fall guy for the mismanagement of the $250-million sponsorship program, the lawyer for Pierre Tremblay said yesterday. Yves Letellier said the fact Tremblay's alcoholism was raised at the Adscam inquiry by the lawyer representing former public works minister Alfonso Gagliano shows the commission has sunk to a new low.

Tremblay died two weeks ago and never had the opportunity to testify before the Gomery commission inquiry.

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Mike said...

Hell, I bet a skeptical Marc Emery that if Svendy spent one night in jail I would clean his bong witn Naomi Klein's tears, and I won't have to pay out there either.

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