Sunday, September 26, 2004

You make our whole phony make-work project look bad, Joyce!

Human rights get zero respect here at the London Fog. Anyone with an ear for Orwellisms would be suspicious of an enterprise with such a name, prima facie, especially when it's revealed to be the bu$ine$$ of academics and lawyers.

Human rights is easy money. Hell, I did some primo human rights advocacy this weekend.

I have these three friends Alan, Bill, and Charles.

I told Alan that someone overheard Bill calling him a dick. I told Bill that Charles tells anti-Billian jokes when he thinks he isn't in mixed company. Then I put posters up outside of Charles' house with a message intended to inform the Alans of the world that, whatever the outmoded Alanian culture may say, Charleses are people too.

Then when everybody started suspecting each other of being jerks, I helpfully stepped in and offered to mediate their grievances, for a six figure fee of course. Sometimes it feels good to make the world a better place.

So it's pretty funny to see lawyers fretting over the loss of credibility to their version of the scam.

"Human-rights issues are very important and there needs to be confidence in human rights officers. If this person brings a complaint that is found to be of insufficient merit, it may bring into question their judgment in the role," said (UWO law professor John) Craig, who also has a labour law practice in Toronto.
Sure, it's like a travelling snake oil salesman getting caught filling his bottles in the local river. Makes them all look bad.

You guys need to be smarter and stick to ruining the lives of people who can't fight back as well -- guys like Elijah Elieff.

Susan Eagle must be rolling her eyes at the petty amateurishness of this whole case.
"There may be an issue of unfairness that is not a human-rights complaint, but it needs to be addressed. They now have to think of healing and rebuilding credibility," he added.
Don't worry about that. You have never earned any credibility among people who have a clear and grounded conception of what rights are. That's because the rights we all have, to liberty and property, are in complete opposition to your "human rights" theology, John. And we don't need the likes of you to secure those rights -- we have them with or without your silly inquisitions.
"This position has been under a hot light since it it was formed. It may not have the broad political acceptance to be effective . . . At the end of the day, the advancement of human rights is only as strong as those who advocate for it."
And so it is with the opposite side, the cause of Liberty.

To that end, the London Fog is here to undermine human rights throughout all of southwestern Ontario.


Anonymous said...

This foolishness has gone on long enough. Has everyone down there at city hall lost his or her freaking minds? Why in the name of God would they keep Joyce on, as the human right specialist after it is very apparent that she has lost her integrity? Just how much of the taxpayers money are they willing to throw away over this stupidity? It is very apparent they are idiots at city hall and the majority of people here in London are idiots for voting them in.

Mike said...

As long as we keep giving our money to these people, they will continue to spend it on themselves.

The bright of all this is that Burpy gets another chance to bring human rights into disrepute among marginal attention-payers.

Anonymous said...

Joyce was only there a month before she impaled poor chef on a stake to be served up to a human rights tribunal. I thought her job was to hunt down those 50 perverts at city hall. All this sexual harassment supposedly going on down there at shitty hall and not one pervert caught yet. Isn’t that why they demanded a woman be hired for that position? We all know that woman have the market cornered on compassion, understanding and the truth. Har, de har, har, har