Saturday, September 25, 2004

She should be flipping burgers while Anne Marie gets the fries ready

"Human rights" specialist. My Commie/English translator is a bit rusty this morning, but I think that translates to a "producing less than nothing and bothering honest people" specialist.

Anyways, the bitch gets to keep her phony baloney job and stay on my bread line by order of those wise guardians of human rights and dignity, city council. Feh.

And $130,000 to some lawyer to draft an "anti-harassment policy"? As headsonpikes wisely said, "Lawyers are the commissars of (North) American Socialism".

Rights specialist remains on job

However, some council sources say she's on the hot seat.
JOE BELANGER, Free Press City Hall Reporter 2004-09-25 02:33:18

London's human rights specialist remains on the job despite the dismissal of race-related allegations she made against city hall's chef.

Councillors emerged yesterday from a 40-minute special meeting behind closed doors saying little about the five-month controversy. "I'm limited by the law about what I can say," Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco said. "We're satisfied now this issue is closed for us and we have followed procedure to the T." But council sources expressed doubts about Joyce Burpee's future in the job, though none expect her to depart anytime soon.

Burpee, hired in January as the city's human rights specialist, complained in April that chef Adam Kopala poisoned her work environment by circulating racist hate literature and removing anti-racism posters from the cafeteria.

Kopala, employed by the contractor that runs the cafeteria, was reassigned to another location. But he will be back Monday after an independent investigator concluded he didn't violate the city's harassment and discrimination policy. Kopala has declined requests for interviews.

His lawyer, Bob Wood, has said he doesn't know if Kopala will take legal action.

"They have accepted the investigator's findings and I think that's the right thing to do under the circumstances," Wood said yesterday. Several council members contacted privately wouldn't discuss the issue.

One source close to the issue raised questions city officials declined to answer yesterday. "The important questions are whether the initial complaint was based on substance with evidence available and, if it wasn't, why is this person still in the position?" he said.

"Another question is whether the action she took made the situation better or worse."

A few council members offered differing opinions about Burpee's future.

"I don't expect to see anything change in the near future," said one council member, adding the major doubts concern the position, not the person.
Another councillor said the issue is done.

"And if there's anything else being done, it'll be handled by (city manager) Jeff Fielding, then go to board of control." Some council members privately speculated Kopala's exoneration would put Burpee on the hot seat. But Fielding confirmed Burpee remains on the job.

The cost of the probe is sure to cause concern, though the final tally remains unknown. Because Burpee couldn't investigate her own complaint, the city retained London lawyer Marg Szilassy, who was paid $130,000 two years ago to draft an anti-harassment policy.

The Free Press has been unable to obtain a copy of her report, which was apparently completed three months ago.

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Anonymous said...

Can it get any stupider than City Hall keeping the witch hunter on? I don't know if they realize it but someone better tell them that the human rights specialist has lost her integrity and there is no way she can perform her job effectively now. She was just proven to be a bald-faced liar in a court of law. She almost ruined a man's life. What a bunch of weak-willed useless trolls they all are!!!!!

Oh yeah, I forgot they kept the three stooges on after everyone in the city lost respect for them.