Saturday, September 25, 2004

Nice piece on the Idiot's Icon

The second best takedown of every sensitive and multicultural Canadian's favourite fascist.

Che Guevara appears on the tshirts of countless conformists who don't have the stones to go all out and wear unpopular mass murderers. Please, people, show some originality, and switch to a high-pass-filter pic of Eichmann or Yagoda. All the romance of brave totalitarian resistance to liberty can be yours in 100% cotton!

Hell, Paul Bernardo, or even little Jeffrey Dahmer, would at least show a little bit of revolutionary rebelliousness on your part. But you'd probably stick to Charles Manson because Bono or somebody said he was cool.

Anyways, the Slate piece aside, the very best takedown of Che Guevara occurred in Bolivia some years back:

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I forwarded it to a friend who wears a Che Guevara t-shirt. I hope he'll speak to me again!